Integrated Transparent Governance

Many state and federal governments today are striving to provide transparent governance to citizens by IT enabling various government departments. However, several challenges and issues need to be addressed to meet the goal of effective e-Governance.

Some of the challenges are

  • Lack of inter-departmental collaboration leading to disintegrated information systems with data duplication and redundancy (for example, demographic data, health records, tax records)
  • Ability to search and retrieve the information in a seamless manner from anywhere or anytime
  • Lack of workflow automation
  • Lack of real-time visibility of approval workflows for better transparency
  • Security Enforcement
  • Lack of integration between systems within and across departments leading to manual overhead, lower productivity and potential revenue leakages and losses

Integrated Transparent Governance (ITG) can help the state and federal governments achieve the following:

  • Integrate inter-departmental applications in a standard and platform independent manner to provide a single window access of various services to citizens by leveraging existing application and hardware investments thereby eliminating duplication and redundancy of applications and application dat
  • Automate and build complex departmental process workflows with support for multistage approval using standard web based workflow engine as well as building workflows using Email/SMS/IVRS
  • Multi-lingual support to handle multiple languages
  • Real-time monitoring, management and governance engine for real-time visibility across various departmental processes and functions
  • Alert/notification framework for sending timely reminders to citizens (for example, bill/tax payment due date reminders) for timely revenue recognition
  • Flexible and configurable reporting engine for generating various departmental audit and performance reports for better accountability
  • Highly scalable platform with built in support for high availability, failover and load balancing of e-Governance applications
  • Security enforcement and compliance for greater protection of critical data
  • Improvement in overall Quality of Service (QoS) to citizens by increased responsiveness, productivity, accountability, transparency and effective administration

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