Integrated Facility Management

Facilities are places where people work, live or make visit related to work, entertainment and business. Examples of facilities are residential and commercial complexes, hospitals, hotel, casinos, museums, manufacturing plants, government and private offices etc. Modern day’s facilities are highly complex and large structures. Such facilities face several business and operational challenges:

How to reduce running cost of the facilities?

How to provide security and safety for the facility and its users?

How to integrate wide range of operational and business systems used inside a facility?

How to optimize energy consumption and create green facilities?

How to manage facilities from remote/internet?

Modern day facilities use a diverse range of operational and business systems. Some examples of such systems are:

1. HVAC – (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems) Systems

2. Utilities( electricity, water and gas distribution, metering and billing)

3. Security systems (IP based video surveillance and access control systems)

4. Safety systems (fire fighting and emergency response management)

5. Transportation systems ( Lift , escalators)

6. Lighting control systems

7. Audio/Video systems

8. Asset management systems

9. Scheduling systems for common facilities like meeting rooms, conference room etc.

10. Tenancy and visitor management systems

If we carefully examine above systems, they seem to have following characteristics:

They are interdependent

Some may be spread over a wide area and may not be easily accessible

Each system uses different standards and protocols

Have wide range of assets which requires real time monitoring and regular maintenance for high availability, long life and low running cost

Such scenario is a perfect case for process centric integration.

Key features of Integrated Facility management solution are:

1. Quickly create a facility dash board which will provide 360 degree view of the facility from a single console

2. Standard based process centric Integration

3. Facility policy definition and enforcement

IFM product will takecare of integrating diverse range of systems, devices and sensors used inside a facility. It also enables facility users to compose, execute and enforce end to end, cross functional business processes / work flow and polices. For example, user can quickly define, and enforce a policy that emergency drill should be performed twice (Configurable) over a time period (Configurable).

Integrated Facility Management solution includes custom transport for most widely used standards in different facility management systems, devices and sensors. They are:

a. BACnet : Most widely used data communication protocol for facility management systems

b. oBIX : Emerging web services/XML based protocol for facility management systems, devices and sensors. The primary object of oBIX is to connect each facility management system, devices or sensors used inside the facility to internet. This will be foundation of intelligent facility or Facility 2.0.

The integrated facility management solution can be used to monitor and optimize all operations and functions inside the facility leading to following advantage –

Real time monitoring of factory energy consumption and other running costs leading to overall reduction in the running cost

Enforcement of facility asset maintenance policies by execution of 3R (Role, rule and route) based Work order life cycle management. This leads to longer asset life and low running cost.

Wide range of custom reports for better visibility of facility operations

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