There is a growing need for carriers to play a larger role in ensuring time-sensitive shipments in the global supply chain. The opportunity to grow in the trucking industry depends on the carrier’s ability to provide high quality freight service – especially increased reliability, flexibility and reducing operational costs for improved profit margins.

Our solution enables freight transporters to achieve these goals by unlocking value from your operations in areas such as:

Optimizing dispatch planning and utilization:
  • Improve transportation asset turns; improve operational efficiency of your fleet.
  • Maximize profitability of lanes while managing road/fuel tax and related costs.
  • Identify reloads and back hauls for fewer empty miles.
  • Manage on time delivery performance by absorbing impact propagated due to uncertainties or delays.
  • Improve load building, route planning and control cross-docking.
  • Utilize tools for route optimization.
  • Optimize your supply chain network to deliver continuous move opportunities.
Improving Visibility and Collaboration:
  • Collaborate online with your partners and shippers to provide real time data.
  • EDI/XML integration helps assimilate partner and shipper data seamlessly.
  • Wireless Applications for driver/dispatcher for improved communication.
  • Manage claims electronically to improve customer response and satisfaction.
  • Improve turn on receivables by providing digital versions of signed BOL/POD and invoice documents.
  • 24×7 online freight tracking and trace facility for your shippers and their consignees.
  • Alerting Mechanism for proactively monitoring events that enables better exceptions handling.
  • Provide individual shipper with a web portal for online rating, scheduling and pickups including payments for outstanding invoices.
  • Reduce costly wait times at terminals and customers by having accurate information in the driver’s hands, and keep drivers and dispatchers off the phone.
  • Advanced reporting tools to monitor Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) for sales, drivers, operations and management.

Here at iTechStack, we believe in tailoring a solution for your problem instead of trying to fit your problem into an already built solution. This enables us to take a fresh perspective approach to every individual business process and develop solutions based on your unique difficulties and needs. Look to us to help transform your business into an agile, reliable and profitable operations model.

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