The success of any retailer depends on getting the product to the consumer in a cost effective and timely manner. As simple as this may sound, the retail supply chain has struggled with the enormous challenges faced in achieving this. The present day structure of retail supply chains makes it virtually impossible to communicate, collaborate and share relevant information.

A iTechStack team enables an agile and adaptive supply chain network by providing retailers with an information web-based portal for pre-planning, optimization and executing operations efficiently. Retailers gain the capability for managing transportation & logistics operations, as well as achieving coordination using a collaboration technology to extend their operations beyond the retailers’ corporate boundaries to buying offices, suppliers, agents, consolidators, ocean/air carriers, brokers, deconsolidators/ trans-load and transportation partners.

iTechStack Supply Chain framework delivers results through a tailored approach for value realization for retailers in areas such as:

  • Improved Delivery Performance, Fill rates, Relationships
  • Reduced Order Cycle, Lead Times, Flawless Execution
  • Increased Inventory Turns, Improved Reliability
  • Lower Transportation Costs against COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • Merchandise optimization strategies for enabling profitable buying, allocating, and pricing decisions based on customer demand
  • Price Optimization to help retailers set and manage prices, plan promotions and execute markdown strategies
  • Enable “continuous move” through SC Network Optimization from upstream (P.O) to delivery (Carrier Selection)

iTechStack uses SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference), an industry best practice modeling to architect a retailer’s supply chain for realizing the above stated goals. This approach mitigates risks for our retail customers’ who develop a customized supply chain solution for their specific and unique needs.

Supply Chain Visibility
  • 360 Visibility for P.O/SKUs tracing & tracking
  • Events & Exceptions Management
  • Early Warning Alerts
  • Dashboards for Preemptive Analytics, Performance Scorecards, KPI metrics
  • Landed Costs Analysis
  • Supplier & Carrier Collaboration (OSMOSIS)
  • Compliance Management
  • P.O Life Cycle Management
  • Supply Chain Ad Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Merchandise Flow Optimization
  • D.C Receipts Smoothening (Distribution) Optimization
  • Logistics & Transportation Cost Optimization
  • Merchandise Life Cycle Optimization

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